GLUKOZIN Tabletten

food supplement
For correct sugar level

GLUKOZIN contain, among others, zinc, which helps to maintain proper metabolism of carbohydrates. It is recommended for people who would like to reduce the amount of sugar taken with food, such as people on a diabetic diet, losing weight or overweighed.

GLUKOZIN is a source of zincvitamin B6 and extracts of cinnamon barkwhite mulberry leaves and Gymnema sylvestre.  
 contained in the formulation helps to maintain normal metabolism ofcarbohydrates. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism, as well as to the regulation of hormonal activityIt also contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism​​, which increased concentration in the blood is considered a factor in the development of many diseases. The composition of preparation is complemented in valuable herbal extracts.


  • extract of Morus alba leaves,
  • extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaves,
  • extract of Cinnamomum cassia cork,
  • zinc,
  • vitamin B6 


  • 30 tablets


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