LIPS HELP ointment


In season of occurrence herpes labialis

LIPS HELP is a dermocosmetic intended for the mouth skin. In view of content of vitamins C and B2, and a unique herbal-mineral formula (zinc + lemon balm extract), it is particularly recommended for care and protection of the mouth in persons exposed to occurrence of labial herpes. Lips Help creates a protective, active film on the lips. 

The lemon balm extract acts to limit multiplication of the (herpes simplex) virus causing labial herpes. The remaining active ingredients of the ointment act astringently, accelerate regeneration of the epidermis and disappearance of lesions. Early application of the ointment (at the itching stage and preventively in the period of expected relapses) may limit the size or prevent occurrence of visible skin lesion.


  • Extract of lemon balm (Melissa Officinalis)
  • Zinc 
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C


  • ointment 10 ml


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