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The mouth and oral cavity

Category includes productsrecommended for people prone toaphthas, lips-sores, herpes, abrasions or pain of mucosa and gums, and for those who wear orthodontic bracesand dental prosthesis. We also offerprotective (both for frost and for sun) and antiseptic preparations for mouth.
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Circulation system

This category includes the best mix of herbal adaptogens - dietary supplement, which - better then coffee - maintains the well-being of people with low blood pressure, as well as products for people prone to hemorrhoids (with venous circulation problems).
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Eyes and vision

Category includes high quality formulations supporting in maintenance of good condition organ of sight and vision. We offer a special food supplement to maintain the quality of vision for people over the age of 50. All preparations in this category contain lutein, zeaxanthin and antho.
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Pregnancy and related

Here we present economic package of folic acid, which is enough for 9 months! We also offer an effective antidote for nausea during pregnancy, special serum for stretch marks. Due to risk of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, this category includes also care and protection products for skin around rectum.
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Holidays and travel

Discover products taking care of the well-being and comfort in travelling and during the holidays: from improving the well-being while traveling through innovative protection against insects (pills!) to protect the lips, moles and birthmarks against the hot sun and / or against extreme cold (lipsticks).
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Not just for women

This category includes products for women who experience loss of interest in sexual sphere of life, as well as uni-sex antiperspirant preparations. We also provide product against stretch marks designed for fast-growing teenagers and children, for people with variable weighting exposed to skin stretching and for athletes who quickly gain weight.
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Life with allergy

Products for allergy sufferers. We recommend not only fight against disease, but also avoid factors causing allergic reaction. We provide special protection against insects (tablets). In our offer innovative products that improve quality of life people prone to allergies and protect against allergies of insect bites.
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For seniors

Category includes products for people in the prime of life who still want to enjoy good health and live a full life. Weaker eyesight, problems with dentures dental, pains in joints and skeletal system, risk of pressure sores during illness, inactivity and excessive daytime sleepiness? For all we have a way!
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Life with disease

In this category is located food supplement that regulates carbohydrate metabolism,especially recommended for people on a dietand diabetes type 2. We also offer products that support good joints condition and resistance of urinary tract, and others products.
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Skin care and skin disorders

Category includes care and first-aid products for skin exposed to chafes, abrasions and pressure sores, as well as our radical solution in the fight against skin stretch marks. Also available innovative products against allergy, against insects, and protective preparations for the skin around rectum.
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